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ScreenReaders' 2 Reader Combo

Why Should I Try This Service?

The short answer is: because you will get more informed eyes on your project for a convenient, discounted price! One opinion, sometimes, is not enough. 

Writing is, in its truest essence, art. And, as art, it is subjective.  For this reason, it is crucial to get as many eyes on your project as possible, so you can identify a pattern of things that need to be fixed, and make a better, more informed decision. 

Rewrites aren't easy. But when you know for sure that certain aspect of the script needs work because two readers already pointed it out, you can know you're not making any mistakes.

This is the reason why we decided to launch this new service, where you can get more eyes on your project. And not only that but also, you'll be saving 20% on every purchase as you do. It's the perfect combo! The combo is available for all of our packages!

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